Maternal health encompasses the health of women in the childbearing years, including those in the pre-pregnancy period, those who are pregnancy, and those who are caring for young children. The effect of pregnancy and childbirth on women is an important indicator of their health. Pregnancy and delivery can lead to serious health problems. According to World Health Organization report; each year an estimated 1200 women in the USA suffer complications during pregnancy or childbirth that prove fatal and 60 000 suffer complications that are near-fatal. An infant health depends on many factors, which include the mother’s health and her behavior prior to and during pregnancy, genetic characteristics, her level of prenatal care, the quality of her delivery, and the infant’s environment after birth. The infant’s environment includes not only the home and family environment, but also the availability of essential medical services such as a postnatal physical examination, regular visits to a physician, and the appropriate immunizations.


Be sure to address both parts in your initial posting submission.

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Clara is 18 years old and lives in a small town of about 1,600 people in Texas. The town residents mostly rely on a larger city nearby for shopping, entertainment, and health care. Clara recently graduated from high school. She had dated John for the past 2 years, but there was never any talk about marriage. Right before graduation, she learned that she was pregnant. At the end of the fall, when she was completing her seventh month of pregnancy, she went into premature labor and was rushed in an ambulance to the emergency room of the hospital in the nearby city. She gave birth to a premature baby. While she was in recovery, doctors determined that Clara’s baby was not only premature, but also appeared to be having other “developmental abnormalities.” When asked whether she had received any prenatal care, Clara replied, “No, I couldn’t afford it; besides, I didn’t know where to go to get help.”

  1. Part 1: You are the Director of Population Health Department of this facility. The Chief Population Health Officer has scheduled a meeting with you to discuss a lack of resources in the nearby town and high teenage pregnancy and birth rates in its community. There are adverse consequences related to teen pregnancy for mothers, families, children, and the community. In preparation for this meeting, prepare your recommendations for creating a population health management program focused on teenage births, family planning, and teen maternal and infant health.
    1. Include the information about the WIC Program.
    2. Be sure to discuss in your recommendations, details about the development of a community health promotion program addressing the risks associated with teen pregnancies.
  2. Part 2: Choose another developed country anywhere in the world. Assume that this facility is located in that country. Compare the maternal mortality and infant mortality ratios and trends between the United States and the country that you have chosen.
    1. Briefly summarize this country health care delivery system and approaches in maternal, infant, and child care.
    2. Assume that the same scenario took place with your facility located in that country. How would this change your recommendations?

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