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Question1 of 18The sacred is set apart from __________ reality. daily earthly God’s ordinaryQuestion2 of 18A functionalist view identifies with the role __________ plays in people’s lives. amorality God prayer religionQuestion3 of 18A(n) _________ definition seeks to establish a standard. essential normative functional descriptiveQuestion4 of 18A(n) _________ definition identifies an essence or core idea that distinguishes religion from other things such as philosophy. substantive functional essential normativeQuestion5 of 18An essential definition of religion focuses on what is absolutely necessary. True FalseQuestion6 of 18Too much focus on individual experience leads to an inadequate definition of religion. True FalseQuestion7 of 18For many, religion is connected to human action. True FalseQuestion8 of 18An example of religion through ritual action is following the teachings of the Bible. True False9 of 18The term theology means ____________. discourse about God discourse about the sacred discourse about heaven discourse about beliefQuestion10 of 18The “insider” approach to religious studies states that religion is __________ and can’t be understood by those who are not religious. original special autonomous theologicalQuestion11 of 18__________ thought that religious belief is an illusion stemming from powerful psychological needs. Karl Marx Max Muller James Frazer Sigmund FreudQuestion12 of 18The _________ theory holds that primal people recognized spirits in themselves and other living things, as well as in the forces of nature. magic original monotheism animism nature worshipQuestion13 of 18___________ was not one of the current major world religions that played a role during the Axial Period. Daoism Buddhism Judaism ChristianityQuestion14 of 18Worship of a __________ was prevalent in prehistoric religions. War God Mother Goddess Supreme God Hunt GoddessQuestion15 of 18A theologian conducts research from the point of view of a particular religion. True FalseQuestion16 of 18The term religion has been used in the same way since the dawn of civilization. True FalseQuestion17 of 18It is widely accepted that a person does not have to be religious in order to study religion. True FalseQuestion18 of 18Wilhelm Schmidt pioneered the theory of original monotheism. True False

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