See Ramsbotham et al (2016: 103-09) for details of what conflict mapping entails. However, do not feel obliged to follow this model religiously. Instead, your paper should address the following core questions:

  1. What are the primary parties to the conflict you are looking at?
  2. How are these parties organized i.e. where does power lie within them, who calls the shots, how
    big/powerful are they?
  3. What are their primary sources of support i.e. key constituencies both at home and abroad?
  4. What are the parties fighting about?
  5. What are the core incompatibilities between them?

This should keep you going for 10 pages. Don’t start with a long section of historical background, rather bring the relevant history in as and when it helps you answer these questions. The paper should be no more than ten (10), double-spaced, 12-point typed, pages in length, excluding references and maps.

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