Nervous System Mechanism Discussion

Nervous System Mechanism Discussion

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I need help with a Biology question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.
Please type in the Subject line the question number and your topic (so that others won’t duplicate your topic). This will make it easier for other students not to repeat posts. Once an example has been used for a question it cannot be repeated.You will earn zero (0) points if you submitted a repeated topic.
Please review the Rubric in the Syllabus to check that you’ve met the requirements. Use spell check and grammar check before posting.


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1) A model is a simplified representation of looking at something that is complex. In science, we use models all of the time. It could be a plastic model of the brain or a virtual model that you can click on to see how the brain works in a simulation.
The nervous system is often compared to a computer or a circuit as models. For both, there is an input and output. Consider how the brain works, how signals travel along the axon, a reflex arc, or even how neurons ‘fire’ or don’t. If you had to explain some aspect of the nervous system using a game, how would you do it?
Go to and search for a free game that you could use as a model to explain some aspect of the nervous system. Pick a free game and tie it into some aspect of your understanding of how some part of or the entire nervous system works. Nervous System Mechanism Discussion
2) For this question, you may select a game related to vision or hearing. How can you relate this game to some aspect of light passing through the eye or the conduction of sound through the ear?
Once a student has used a game for their explanation, it cannot be repeated by another student as an initial post for points.
3) Games are not the only models available for the nervous system. Many publishers and instructors develop their own animations and simulations. An animation or simulation has some aspect of the program that requires the user (that would be you) make a decision. You interact with the example rather than just scrolling through a web page reading about it.
For instance, go to… to learn more about the twelve cranial nerves or… to learn more about how you hear.
How does any one of these animations add to your understanding of the nervous system? You need to review one of the animations and explain it in your own words on how it contributes to your understanding of one of the topics of the nervous system. Feel free to use one of these animations, but once a website is used, it cannot be duplicated as an initial post for points. Nervous System Mechanism Discussion

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