Painting Analysis


5-6 pages descriptive analysis of painting
12 new roman numeral
double spaced
3RD person objective form
painting is located in the Musuem of Fine Arts om the Exhibition Hiro: Photographs called Kelly Steward, New York 1994
several pictures of painting will be provided below

emphasis of this paper is placed on your assessment of the formal elements of the work , compositional design, the technical accomplishment of the artist and the complexity of the medium under the influence of the period of time when the work was executed

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DETAILED instructions will be provided below please read them CAREFULLY – There are three parts to this Painting Analysis ; Formal analysis, Subject Matter and Interpretation
Complete ALL three parts and answer ALL questions provided

This is not a research paper rather a test of your visual acuity and your ability to use appropriate vocabulary – NO Research and therefore NO works cited –
Can use the information of the exhibit label and the information about HIRO photographs – PROVIDED BELOW- in the paper

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