Philosophy 4

Kierkegaard, Fear and Trembling (1843), “Ethics and Faith”

 Answer one of the following questions in 100 words based on the reading giving to you.

1.  What is “Faith” for Kierkegaard? And how does he see faith in relation to Ethics?

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(Try to find examples from the text. And also, tell me in your own words).

2. What does he mean by his question: “Is there a Teleological Suspension of the Ethical?”

(In your own words, what does the question mean?)

3. Can you think of any examples of where it would be justified to “suspend the ethical,”

(to suspend a common or universal idea of ethics), for the rights or faith of an individual?

(You can mention either hypothetical, or actual examples. Really think about what this

questions asks).

4. What is the “Knight of Faith” for Kierkegaard? And how does he compare this figure

to the tragic hero, to prove his point about faith?

(Again, find examples from the text).

5. Is there a problem with Kierkegaard’s philosophy of Faith?   What does it actually mean for ethics?

(Also, think about our contemporary society today. How might Kierkegaard’s ideas fit

into today’s world?)

6. And finally, I would like you to think about your own life. How does faith play a role in

informing your ethics? Also, how does your idea of faith relate to Kierkegaard’s, if at all?

(Think broadly about the different ways that you can interpret the question.)

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