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This assignment addresses that part of social work practice that you believe to be the most difficult for you to perform. A central part of the paper should be a candid, open examination of how your own perceptions, attitudes, values, experiences, emotions and stereotypes may influence your ability to perform this particular aspect of social work practice. Choose one of the following examples of topics to cover:
·         Resistance to engagement: open/subtle hostility from clients.
·         Cultural variance of clients and workers: race, status, political, gender identity, etc.
·         Clients who evoke images from your past: parents, siblings, peers, childhood, adolescence, etc.
·         Diverse populations: the differently-abled, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, older adults, mandated clients, women, men, children, ethnic minorities, etc.
·         Others topics you may desire to select (please discuss these with the instructor prior to doing this assignment).
After thoroughly defining and describing the practice aspect you select, examine the roots of your perceived difficulty. Theories and required readings discussed in the current or previous classes should be applied to the assessment.
Next, incorporate discussion on the NASW Code of Ethics, specifically the core values of social work. Which values apply to your discussion? Be specific in your application.
The final section should be a thoughtful description of the personal plan you have devised to address this perceived deficit for future practice. Please note: stating that you will simply refer a client for services elsewhere is not sufficient.
Note: You may write in the first person. It is helpful to include a personal dimension of how this problem/situation may have somehow touched your life.
Limit the body of your paper to 3-4 typewritten, double-spaced pages, using a 12-point font. You must make use of at least 2 different professional reference sources (general web pages/sites are not considered professional literature) to support your discussion, in addition to the NASW Code of Ethics. Be sure that the sources you cite are used to explore your own thoughts, ideas, and behaviors and that you are not providing information on how to treat specific individuals. Your references should be used to support your discussion about why working with this population presents an ethical dilemma for you, not to describe the population.
For example, if you anticipate that working with clients with substance use issues is an issue, cite resources that discuss topics such countertransference and boundaries. Do not include articles about the numbers of adults with substance use issues, factors that lead to substance use issues, etc.
Be sure to utilize correct APA format and proofread your writing thoroughly.

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