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Hi, I need help with essay on Industrial Revolution. Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!Industrial Revolution is a turning point in history. It altogether changed almost every aspect of the daily life. The life of humans depends upon the economy and Industrial Revolution changed the average income of the man. Dickens’ Oliver Twist explains the problems that the Society of England faced during the Industrial Revolution. The story revolves around an orphan, the Oliver Twist. He spends his life in a church’s workhouse specially designed for children. Oliver’s life portrays the flaws in the working system of the days. The children in workhouse are burdened with a heavy work and for a longer period of time. They are dealt with cruelly when they are not given enough or sometimes no food. When Oliver out of his hunger asks for his right, he is severely punished by the workhouse staff. His is made an example for the other children that they must not dare like him. A very high ratio of population growth is another issue explained in “Oliver Twist”. The multitude of orphans was a problem in the society of England. A large number of people had a multitude of children but they could not afford their daily life expenses. They were therefore sent to the workhouses to earn their livelihood themselves. Same children were either kicked or died in the course. Some children exiled towards crimes. Dickens’ “gang of thieves” comes out responsible for the London’s rampant crime. It is because he children are left with no alternative but to be criminal or die. The people were poor and the opportunities they lacked hence making the England of those days, an unrest (Dickens, pp72-107).Emile Zola writes about the impact of industrial revolution on the working class. Etienne Lantier is the main character in Germinal. He is a mechanic and gets a job at a coal-mine. He meets many people and acquires fame inside them. The families of rich and poor are compared in the book. Etieene catches popularity among the workers of the coal

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