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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on gender difference in call programs for english as a second language acquisition. &nbsp.Lai and Kuo conducted this research in order to further evaluate the relationship between Language learning and gender difference. Evidence has been found to affirm that students’ gender affects their learning skills and behaviors. Lai and Kuo have struggled to further prove this claim by evaluating the learning outcomes of both male and female counterparts making use of CALL programmes. The study is conducted to identify the effects of language learning through CALL programs on gender basis. Many pieces of research provide evidence that gender does affect the learning process. The basic distinction of this research paper is the evaluation of English learning pace and attributes in second language acquisition using CALL programs. Which means that this study also incorporates the evaluation of computer-based learning on gender basis. The study also aims to identify the differences in the attitudes of male and female students towards learning, their differing views about learning efficacy, their differing levels of learning anxiety in learning language via CALL programs and the different learning barriers they identified.The proper methodology is mandatory to produce valid results. Lai and Kuo used both quantitative and qualitative techniques to produce reliable results. To develop initial understanding, Lai and Kuo, used different studies conducted by various researchers. They produced the proper setting and created an appropriate understanding of the importance given to this area of research. The quantitative data was collected from a sample of 200 students of which 166 were female and the rest of 34 were male. The participants were given a questionnaire to gather data about EFL & CALL. The qualitative data was collected by interviewing 10 participants including 5 males and 5 females. The qualitative data aimed to identify the key challenges that each gender faces in learning language through CALL programs. The results of this research were divided into 4 parts. The first part was about the learning attitudes of male and female participants using Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) Programs. A fairly large number of male participants provided an affirmative&nbsp.result on the learning processes of language via CALL programs.&nbsp.

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