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Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: Reflective paper 3.I am not in the favor of premarital sex because I uphold old values and customs. But if a couple wants to have a marriage like relationship before the actual marriage then it is up to them. However, I am totally against sleeping around and the derogatory term of ‘casual sex’. If there is a bond that exists between the couple then it is more acceptable than ‘one night stands’ and hooking up under the influence of alcohol. I would tell him that it is better to be safe than sorry. Couples get carried away in the heat of things, and they regret it later. I would tell my boy he is mature enough to make his decisions in life. He is knocking at adulthood. I cannot be his supervisor anymore. But it would make me glad if he abstains from sleeping around. It will make me even happier if he upholds the sanctity of marriage and relationships.Such topics are always careful with girls. Parents are more concerned and protective of them. Men are physically stronger and can take advantage of a vulnerable girl. Parents have this inborn protective instinct to protect their daughters from sexual predators. Naturally, a conversation about premarital sex will be more serious with my daughter. I would tell almost the same things to my daughter as I would tell my son on this topic. But there will be more concern and emotion in my voice. I would try to get her perspective first. I would tell her about the honor and value of the marital bond. I might seem old fashioned, but these customs do give an acceptable structure to the society. If such values are disregarded then the whole family system can collapse. People would only meet each other to satisfy their lust. Marriage would become meaningless and an old forgotten custom. For this reason, I would want to get her take on this subject first. The way my 15-year-old can make her decisions, so can my daughter. I cannot be around her all her life, nor do I want to. Ultimately she has to

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