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Compose a 1000 words essay on Identifying Potential Risk, Response, and Recovery. Needs to be plagiarism free!It can be done by having a strategy to counter these risks spanning risk mitigation, risk assignment, risk acceptance and risk avoidance. Moreover, control mechanisms ranging from administrative, preventive, detective and corrective should be put in play. In this document, we center around four main security threats to the company. They include data security, computer virus risk, Keystroke logging, and adware. These risks if not properly managed may cost the organization a great deal. First, the entire processing in the organization will significantly be lowered. The institution, as a result, may delay in meeting its deadlines. Secondly, the resources may not last to the projected time frame and thus call for replacement earlier than anticipated. The worse part could be losing the organizations secret or procedures to other competitors in the market that may completely cripple the existence of the institution. After noting the adverse effects the threats could have on the organization as a whole, there is an urgent need to avoid reaching such an extent. Our method of selecting which method to effect will highly depend on the nature of the threat at hand.In its entirety, adware is a sequence of instructions written to effect downloading of adverts to one’s computer system. It also functions on its own and could perform various displays. The source of the adware is through application software that has instructions to work on your computer (Bersani, 2008). Alternatively, they could arise when that software is in use. Whereas it is easier to avoid such software’s, acquiring them elsewhere could be involved or more costly. Users consequently sacrifice for the free use of such software. The greatest threat is an adware that is in the form of spyware.

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