Your task is to create a PowerPoint

virtual tour that specifically deals with one country within a region of focus we explore in this course.( South Asia Countries:  India,Pakistan,Bangladesh; East Asia Countries: China, Korea,Japan; Central Europe: Austria,Germany,Switzerland,Poland)

For instance, you may be interested in Switzerland, in which case, your task would be to assemble a

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PowerPoint tour of Switzerland.  You can choose any of the one countries i mentioned above.

Your virtual field trip must be 10 slides total (plus a bibliography slide to make 11 total slides), must

include at least 3 image slides (photos, maps, graphs, etc.) and 7 text slides that describe A) the country

you chose & the region it falls in B) discusses the country’s major physical characteristics C) includes a

discussion of human-environment interaction/environmental issues in the region D) includes a discussion

of major socio-economic indicators such as literacy rates, employment sectors, life expectancy, GDP, etc.

E) major human characteristics such as official language(s), dominant religion(s), recent political

history, cultural history, etc. F) why you chose to examine your particular topic for a virtual tour.


note, I do not want any timers on the slides as I like to look at each slide at my own pace.  Please be sure

that you do not set any slide or presentation timers to your project-thank you in advance!

You need to list at the end of your power point your sources of information (as references cited in MLA

format)  You need at least 5 references that are academic (not from an encyclopedia i.e. Wikipedia) All

virtual field trip reports are due by the date indicated in

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