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Hello! I need help with my 6pg essay its due may 3rd. Please compose a thesis driven analytical and argumentative essay 6 double spaced pages in standard font 12. Pleade include separate works cited page in MLA format please do not plagiarism. Choose one of the topic prompts below and choose the primary text(s) you will analize from the following list: “A dolls house, heart of darkness,”The waste land” “Requiem,” “Things fall apart” ” the courter.” 1. Textbook that we use describes Modernism as “the twilight of the Enlightenment, the last time people held comforting beliefs in science and progress” Discuss how you see this idea at work in two of the texts above and draw into your discussion other” -“isms” associated with the second half of course: Romanticism, realism, naturalism, posmodernism, etc.2. Writing a Posmodernism textbook that i use in class says “If the modernists were disillusioned and sought vainly for meaning many posmodernists began with the assumption that there was no meaning to search for it… There is jo one story no eternal truth, one one set of laws that explains the world…Rather there are many narratives”(894-5) furtermore the text claims post-colonialism raises the question of whether “formerly colonized peoples retrieve their pre colonial culture or have they been forever changed by their engagement with the colonizers” (893) discuss how one of the texts listed below demonstrates or refutes both of these definitions.3. The editors of our anthology claim,”the forces of urbanization and industrialization that led to the decline of slavery also undermined traditional roles of women. As womenentered the industrial workforce and were educated for positions outside the home, they challenged their traditional subordination to men” (1117) analize gender relationships in one of the above texts and to what extent women are presented as “emancipated.”* Indent each paragraph beginning one tab. Make sure your page layout is justified to the left margin but not to the right margin. Your essay must be centered on a thesis statement: a sentence or two asserting in clear language your pisition on the central topic of your essay. Do not skip additional lines between paragraphs. Please do not plagiarism! Thank you Attachment 1Attachment 2

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