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Write 11 pages thesis on the topic how have media technologies changed our experience of space, and how have these changes been represented. Inasmuch as pre-modern art was based on fetish techniques adopted by individual artists, messages contained in each artistic medium did not contradict standards of rationality. Rutsky (1999) mentioned that contents of traditional media represented perennial happiness and perceptive inclination of both artists and audiences. Those perceptive inclinations constrict individuals to adopt a uniform rationality of ideas contained in media channels. However, contemporary media possess substantial difference from its traditional versions. Today, incorporation of technology in media has significantly changed the audiences’ perception of space and time.Media technologies today are constantly evolving. Consequently, contents of media continue affecting audiences’ lives in a complex manner. The media environment together with its representation of space and time causes a substantial impact on social, economic and political aspects of human life. Increasing dynamics within the media’s virtual environment presents temporary ramifications of time and space orientation. According to Frederick and Mast (2007), current contents of digital media throws consumers into a strange environment of ordered and linear coordinates of space and time scales. As acknowledged earlier, traditional media demonstrated uniformity and objectivity in terms of content representation. However, digital media today represents concepts by immersing then into inconceivable spatial dimensions. This creates a situation where consumers are in constant quest for the difference between real and virtual representation of life aspects. Rutsky (1999) added that spatial dimensions in digital media take consumers into environments with contents that cannot be comprehended through simple sensory perceptions. Meaning of digital contents does not result from immediate experience. Rather, understanding them requires mediation between concepts of rationalism and instrumentalism.

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