Quality Improvement of Healthcare Paper

Quality Improvement of Healthcare Paper
Value-based care is the current hot topic and focus on balancing cost, access, and quality (Healthcare Iron Triangle). Dorr (2019) reports 48 states have value-based care up from 3 in 2011. The COVID pandemic has strained healthcare services with lack of resources being a primary challenge. Staff shortages, lack of equipment (e.g. PPE), testing supplies and equipment are but a few challenges. As a healthcare manager, front line staff what actions can you take to respond to lack of resources within your facility? Quality Improvement of Healthcare Paper.
Dorr, L. (2019, November 13). The Top 5 Barriers to Value-Based Care. Managed Healthcare Executive. Retrieved from https://www.managedhealthcareexecutive.com/view/bhatt-vascepa-cuts-need-for-surgeries-to-restore-blood-flow


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Healthcare is complex and comes with great cost for many people. In time, changes have been proposed to attempt to improve healthcare deficiencies. Although the healthcare system is not perfect, there is always room for quality improvement in healthcare as it is continuously changing. History, current framework and characteristics, healthcare disparities and future solutions are all important factors that impact the constant change in quality improvement in healthcare. Some historical factors include, beliefs and values and the founding of Medicare and Medicaid. Beliefs and values such as capitalism, self-reliance, and limited government have been responsible for shielding the U.S health care system from a major overhaul (Shi & Singh, 2017, p. 54). In addition to beliefs and values having a historical impact, Medicare and Medicaid which was enacted by President Lyndon Johnson (“The Social Security Amendments of 1965 established Medicare and Medicaid in the United States”) (Rajaram & Bilimoria, 2015, pp. 1) has had an enormous impact on the health care system continuously as it effects so many people.
Adinolfi, P. (2012). Philosophy, medicine and healthcare: Insights from the Italian experience
https://ukdiss.com/examples/quality-improvement-of-healthcare.php.  Quality Improvement of Healthcare Paper.

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