Reinforcement Learning Assignment

Reinforcement Learning Assignment
Data Science for Business
Reinforcement learning (RL) is a subset of machine learning that is getting more attention in recent years as current research using RL shows promising results in different areas.
Your task in this assignment is to search different sources like textbooks, scientific papers, Tutorials, videos, etc. to learn more about Reinforcement learning and write an article that has the following:


  • What is the Reinforcement Learning?
  • What are the basics elements that formulate a basic Reinforcement Learning problem?
  • What are the differences between Reinforcement learning and supervised Learning?
  • List three of the most used Reinforcement Learning algorithms with application e.g. games, business applications, etc.
  • Discuss one of the practical applications of Reinforcement Learning. Include pictures or videos links.
  • Include any other interesting facts you found about Reinforcement Learning.

Please list all the reference that you use. Use your own words (paraphrase) copy and paste directly is not allowed. Use the APA 6.0 style guidelines
Reinforcement Learning Assignment

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