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Write 9 page essay on the topic Social Enterprise.According to the essay findings& economy is known to have three sectors namely. the public sector, the private sector which highly competes with the state owned enterprises and the third sector pertinent to the enterprises are established by individuals voluntarily with the intensions of chasing the community, social and charitable goals. It is prevalent that the three edged sector of an economy tends to impose a restriction on these third sector organizations that happen to infringe the set definition. The co–operative enterprises coming under the purview of social enterprise tend to cross the margin that distinguishes the voluntary and private sectors.This discussion stresses that&nbsp.the enterprises in form of co–operatives and ‘mutual help’ following the commercial principles were the way to the emergence of ‘Third Sector’ as an innovative term. There is a value related to the social face that encompasses this Third Sector, is the concern for the management principles that the modern public and private sector follows and which has contributed to the exclusion of under–privileged and vulnerable individuals, socially. The Training and Enterprise Councils (TECs) of public sector and ICOM, one of the co–operatives enabled Social Enterprise London with the assets and the funding part required for a proper establishment of an enterprise.&nbsp.An entrepreneurship involving the societal aspects is in general terms defined as “entrepreneurial activity with an embedded social purpose”.

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