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(1)We, women, have been fighting everyone’s fight, but who stands with us. I understand the importance of movements like the civil rights movement, but in my opinion, the feminist movement is the most important one. The woman who bears the child keeps the household intact, but we, too, deserve to have more opportunities. We are not just here to be mothers and housewives. We deserve our independence and equality, just like the men. I deserve to go to school to get a degree and enter the working force with equal opportunities as men. During WWI and WWII, we had to enter the working force while the men were off to war, and we did a great job keeping the country intact, so why can’t I have more independence post-war? We bear the children that become leaders, politicians, and doctors; I think we are more than capable of being great ourselves. Therefore, my cause, your cause, women’s cause is the most important one. I deserve my independence; I demand to be liberated!(2)Today is June 29, 1969, and I am getting ready to go to the Stonewall Inn, Yesterday the New York City police have raided the club. Usually the corrupted police officers let us know ahead of time, however this time there were no notice. Officers went in and roughly arrested employees and bar attendees and hauled them to jail. Jane was one who was hauled off forcefully to jail, by being hit in the head as she was being thrown in the officer’s car. This was the last straw; bystanders had begun throwing bottles and anything around at the officers. This is insane, we just want to be equal and have the right to be who we are. We want to live our lives without being judged by anybody. We are not harming anyone by the way we live, and it is not right that we cannot have equally rights. We are just demanding to have the same rights as everyone other being in America. This is the time where we need to be as one and not separate from others. America has transitioned over these years and it is important that we Lesbians, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender should have the rights to be and love who we want. We deserve to walk the streets without being afraid to be who we are. We have the right be ourselves. Times are a changing. IN 3-4 LINES RESPOND TO THIS TWO DISCUSSION BORAD

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