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Write a 5 page essay on Cultural Diversity.This essay stresses that the Mexican-Hispanics community is remarkably traditional and superstitions people. Moreover, they are also resistant to adopting the western medicine, a factor that contributes to the high prevalence of ill health concerns. In their traditional culture concerning illnesses and health, they believe that illnesses are because of sin, life imbalances or witchcraft. There strong traditional religious beliefs are significant in defining their health beliefs. The Mexican-Hispanics community encourages healthy eating as a way of keeping illnesses at bay as well as the use of charms and amulets such as body braces to keep the evils of sickness away from them. Some of the herbs include mint tea, chamomile tea and cinnamon among others. These deep traditional associations form their concepts on illnesses and health practices.This paper makes a conclusion that healthcare remains an issue of concern for many people across the universe. The cultural diversity, belief sand practices, is among the leading challenges to the offering of quality nursing care to the communities. Thus, with proper understanding of the beliefs and practices of the community in contact with, the nurse can establish affective measures of addressing the challenges. Thus, as a nurse it is essential to grow an understanding of the multiplicity in the clients they address and accommodate them accordingly in their action plans.

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