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Read through the Personal Characteristics of Effective Counselors list on p. 19-20 of the textbook. Answer the following questions thoughtfully:

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  • What are two characteristics that you most strongly see in yourself?
  • What are two characteristics with which you struggle or don’t identify?


After reading the first three chapters of your text, answer the following question thoughtfully:

  • What is one specific way that your cultural background could help you understand clients from different cultures?


Read Stan’s autobiography on p. 10-11 of your text, and watch Stan’s Intake and Assessment video clip. Answer the following question thoughtfully:

  • Briefly in your own words, what are some key themes you notice in Stan’s self-report that contribute to his seeking therapy?

This assignment is to be completed in a word processor and uploaded to this course. Assignment should be 3 full pages minimum to 4 full pages maximum in length (excluding cover page and reference page(, size 12 Times New Roman font, double-spaced, with 1-inch margins. 

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