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Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Please respond to t he 2 students’ highlighted in yellow and red. the responses must be each 1 page with at least 4 references.To this end, power became the highest priority for a city state’s survival (Cunha et al., 2013. Harris, 2010). It was very right that Patti looked into the effects of such a situation on the people involved in power such as the prince and other people around. Clearly, the end was very disastrous and met with much destruction instead of construction (quote).In today’s generation however, much of a leader’s actions cannot be based on his will and thoughts about life alone. Today’s world is more of social unit where the actions of one leader at one end of the world greatly affects all people across the globe. I therefore disagree with Patti for heeding to Machiavelli’s advice that even in the 21st century leaders can apply force in some instances to get their principles warranted. As the world becomes a global village, there are bodies that check acts of violence and crime that happen in other parts of the world and try to stop leaders from being dictators (Becker, 2007). The best resolutions leaders should endeavor to use should thus be those that are based on the principles of peace and dialogue.Wittner gave a very vivid background to leadership between the two times in question, namely the Machiavelli era and the 21st century era. In the background, we realize that in the Machiavelli era, Princes, and for that matter leaders were law-makers and possessed sovereign power (Galie & Bopst, 2006). However in today’s world, the real power is given to the ruled rather than the ruler (Hub Pages, 2013). This is so because of the widespread of democracy in most parts of the world, where leadership is vested in the will of the people. To this end, I would perfectly agree with Wittner that the opinion held by Machiavelli that the end justified the means for a leader can no longer prevail in today’s generation of leadership. Indeed as the world becomes one through regional and global bodies such as the United

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