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Write 2 page essay on the topic Mecca Cola: Building a Protest Brand in an Increasingly Anti-American Environment.From a personal standpoint, it will be fitting to buy Mecca-Cola drinks because of Mecca-Cola’s commitment to corporate social responsibility. Mecca-Cola donates 10% of its annual profits to charities to countries wherein the drink is sold, a la Muslim and Arab countries. CSR is a testament to the fact that an organization is not merely in a market to accrue profit, but to sustain a symbiotic relationship between itself and the market, by developing the market and its environs, socio-economically (Cruz and Justo, 2008).Again, Mecca-Cola has consistently remained sensitive to the prevailing socio-cultural conscience in the market. Although this strategy helps cushion an organization from harsh socio-cultural and political backlash, yet its use by Mecca-Cola has convinced me that the organization respects my cultural and religious values.Conversely, Mecca-Cola has identified itself with Arab and Muslim interests, for which it has adopted a corporate philosophy of supporting Muslim charities and interests of the Palestinian people, according to Jacques (2003) and Ram (2007).Again, being human, I would buy Mecca-Cola beverages because the company has an array of fruit-flavoured drinks. This aspect of product diversification will easily accommodate my taste and preferences as an individual.Just as Ram (2007) recommends, seeing that Mecca-Cola is a product of Coca-Cola, it is expedient that Coca-Cola does not treat Mecca-Cola as a competitor. In this light, Coca-Cola should seek to promote Mecca-Cola and use it as proxy to penetrate anti-American regions such as the Arab and Muslim world. In line with this, Coca-Cola should strengthen its hold on Mecca-Cola’s ownership, so that Mecca-Cola does not fall into the hands of a competitor. Coca-Cola should also study Mecca-Cola’s business strategy, in the event that it is interested in penetrating the anti-American world.It is very unlikely that protest products such as Mecca-Cola

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