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Write a 5 page essay on James Joyce Background Report.Born in Dublin Joyce received his early education from the Jesuit school at Belvedere and Clongowes after which he went to the University College Dubai for higher education. He was the eldest brother of ten siblings. He was just over 20 when he started his journey towards Europe and settled in different countries like Paris, Zurich and Trieste. Despite the fact that he spent most of his youth abroad, Joyce never felt detached from the functional universe of Dublin and the environment of his homeland always have strong influence upon his writings and works (McCourt, p18).Most of the characters of his play and novels are created heavily inspired from his family members, friends, enemies and other common people whom he interacted during his life in Dublin. His famous work Ulysses is also set up in the streets of his city and after the publication of Ulysses he declared that he could never write apart from the environment of Dublin because he believe that writing in the context of Dublin means writing about all cities of the world to him (Harry, p43).Joyce began his writing journey in 1891 when he wrote poem Et Tu Healy to pay tribute to Charles Stewart Parnell who dead in same year. The father of Joyce was not happy with the Parnell’s treatment by the Catholic Church after which the Home Rule also became unsecured for Ireland. The poem was not only printed in the publication but was also sent to the Victorian library. Joyce joined Stubbs Gazette that was official bankruptcy journal from where he was suspended and dismissed with pension. He also got involved in drinking and other financial mismanagement activities due to which his family had to suffer intense financial crisis (Maurice, p43).He had to leave the Clongowes Wood College in 1892 because his father was not able to pay his fee. After this Joyce mainly studied and home until he got place in the Jesuits Dublin school in 1893 (Keith, p184). He was just 13 years

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