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TASK: To prove that you have learned how to use and conjugate the verb “SER”, students will create a PowerPoint, We will use the verb ser to describe who we are, where we are from, our physical appearance, our job, our family, and/or our personality. We will describe ourselves using proper adjectives, or description words, in Spanish. You can also include family members, friends, and animals in your project. We will align certain fotos to our sentences, use creativity, and make our PowerPoints interesting! Finally, each student will then present their project to the class en español! DO NOT USE GOOGLE TRANSLATE OR YOU WILL EARN A 0.
– 10 complete sentences using the conjugations of the verb Ser
– 1 sentence per slide
– 10 Pictures: all aligned to a sentence.
– Creativity with animation, colors, etc.
– Must be done in Powerpoint
you can use these items n my powerpoint thanks
My favorite color is blue. My favorite food is seafood. I like to take vacations at the beach. My favorite sport is basketball. I love living in the United States. I love watch to Youtube. My favorite animal is a dog. I love to ride my bike. I like rap music. I will be a senior this year.

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