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Compose a 1250 words essay on Examining the Use of online tools and their Impact on Learning in the higher education. Needs to be plagiarism free!4). This leads to the improvement of educational quality. Colleges and universities are now adopting online tools in offering higher education through social sites, graphics, videos, audios, and words (Reuben 2009, p. 1). This paper examines the use of online tools that include blogs, wikis, RSS, and cloud computing and their impact on learning in the higher education.Cloud computing is a new technological evolution that is applicable in higher education. Various computer tasks rely on cloud computing, which depicts an improvement on the traditional learning practices. Through cloud computing, users can access data outside the traditional data center walls. We can define cloud computing as the aspect of replacing software traditionally installed on campus computers with new internet applications that seek to reduce IT complexities and cost in learning institutions that offer higher education (Nicholson 2009). Higher education institutions using cloud computing derive the capacity to gain significant flexibility and agility (Nicholson 2009). Indeed, the increased use of cloud computing in offering higher education emanates from the fact that this online tool guarantees higher accessibility, availability, and efficiency of higher education.However, in using cloud-based services, higher education institutions bear the liability of addressing security, legal, and compliance issues subject to the large number of users (Nicholson 2009). Indeed, higher education institutions define their responsibilities and focus on fundamental privacy and security issues in adopting cloud computing. Nevertheless, it is evident that the cloud-based services offered in the modern education system allow these institutions to replace the traditional learning tools with advanced learning tools that improve the quality of education. More so, cloud computing allows students

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