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Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic Writing Argument.The author’s main target is the conflict between religion and homosexuality. Despite being a staunch Christian, Williams changes his notions about homosexuality and religion.According to the author of Superman and Me Sherman Alexie nothing is impossible. Alexi narrates her poor reading skills due to lack of exposure. She narrates how she lacked books to read and this affected her reading and comprehensive skills. However, this did not kill her dream. She opted to read comic books from superman. The books were so interesting and the pictures appealed to her desire to read. Moreover, she could follow up on the stories everyday something that eventually improved her reading skills. She went further and started reading her father’s old novels. The author affirms that nothing is impossible.From the author of Crazy Courage Alma Luz Villanueva, if you have courage and you do not doubt yourself then you deserve to walk with a lot of pride and confidence. The author describes the dignity of his living saying that the dignity spoke a lot about him that even the blind people could be impressed that even those who wished to kill him would not do it. Ironically, Villanueva is a man but he is dressed in a woman’s cloth. People are not criticism him for this because they are seeing the dignity in him and even those who wished to kill him would respect him because he walked and did whatever he did with a lot of courage.The different authors have been able to provide evidences to support their claims. According to Randal we are all created from the image of God. Religion is very clear that same sex marriage is a sin and a good marriage relationship is explained through Adam and Eve. From this story the author provides evidences of changing thoughts about homosexuality. “How curious the world had become that she would be asking a white man to exonerate her in the eyes of her grandson. how strange that at seventy, when

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