20 total Journal (Tx public policy newspaper) articles from weeks starting August 30 to November 19.  1-2 articles PER WEEK. 1 pt each.  Summaries and source info required.  Grades based on:

  • 20 TOTAL TEXAS public policy news articles (no sports/weather).  1-2 articles per WEEK STARTING weekend of August 30 – 1 pt each.
  • Include: a minimum 200  word summary of the article touching on the major ideas of the article AND your view of the article.
  • Include news source with DATE.  Include a link to your article or paste in the article (if you are using a subscription).
  • Use CREDIBLE Texas newspaper (dailies) sources. At the end of your last entry include a short summary of why your sources would be considered “credible” college level news sources.  (Do not include the “instructor said so”).

Note: Use the weekly journal “post” article link which puts a date time stamp on each entry. Avoid skipping weeks.  NO WORD FILE DOCUMENTS!  “Retro news” entries (falls outside of each weeks date) will receive half credit per entry. For this assignment “a week” is defined as Friday (ex: Aug 30) to the following Sunday  (ex: Sept 8).  In other words, the first journal news article date should fall between August 30 and Sept 8.  Proofread your work for required content and grammar.  (If you miss a week ADD an additional article the next week.) At the end of this assignment you should have entries per most weeks if not all.  Entry distribution counts.

*Once you find a news article and are ready to post your journal entry, click on the “Create Journal Entry”. Type or paste in your entry.  Click submit.  Review your work against the assignment criteria.  Edit if necessary.  For ideas on Texas daily newspapers see this link:  http://www.world-newspapers.com/texas.html   Other sources: Texas Tribune Texas Standard  (pod casts), Texas Observor, etc

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