Two summaries of 9–12 sentences each

Please use a different essay to work on for each summary.


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Choose one essay from list A and another essay from list B below. Remember, you may only choose an essay once.

Write two short summaries of no more than twelve sentences each, one on your List A choice and one on your List B choice.

End each summary with a Works Cited or a References page.

Write your summary in present tense.

Keep your tone neutral because a summary should not reflect your opinion.

Give each summary a title.

Double space your summaries.

List A – Expository Essay Choices List B – Argumentative Essay Choices
“Newfoundlandese, If You Please,”
by Diane Mooney
“Enough Already, It’s Time to Decriminalize Prostitution,”
by Patty Kelly (Note: AOW incorrectly uses “We” instead of “to”)
“A Scientific State of Mind,”
by Jane Jacobs
“What We Are Fighting For,”
by Rex Murphy
“I Was a Teenage Hijabe Hockey Player,”
by Shema Khan
“The Environmental Crisis: The Devil is in the Generalities,”
by Ross McKitrick
“The American Character,”
by Morris Berman
“A Solution to the Climate Problem,”
by James Hansen
“Murderous Martyrdom: Religion or Politics,”
by Karen Armstrong
“The Ways of Meeting Oppression,”
by Martin Luther King, Jr.

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