1.  Grassroots organizations like the Humanitarian UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) Network are facilitating UAV usage for data collection and supply delivery in a wide range of humanitarian, disaster relief, and development settings in over 120 countries utilizing publicly and privately owned drones.

Consider and identify a disaster that could affect your local geographic area. What potential do you see for public organization or private citizen-owned drones to assist in disaster relief for this type of incident? What type of on-board technology would be needed? What specific assistance do you think could these drones provide?

2. The field of homeland security is quite interdisciplinary, and advanced technologies are used to communicate intelligence to various local, state, and federal agencies. Fusion centers are often the conduits through which information to first responders in the field is disseminated.

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2. If you were the senior leader of a fusion center, what challenges do you foresee your staff could face when using newly released technologies to aid first responders? Do you think public opinion could add to these challenges? As the leader, how would you address these challenges?

3.   How might we create stronger and more effective working relationships with state and local police in an effort to protect against terrorism attacks?

4. Each Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team (WMD-CST) is comprised of 22 full-time, Title 32 Active Guard Reserve (AGR), Army National Guard (ARNG), and Air National Guard (ANG) personnel. Research your home state’s CST. Describe one example of a response that your CST has performed in your state.

What was the occurrence and the response of that team? Explain whether or not you believe CSTs are crucial to state responses or should be eliminated. Defend your rationale for this position.

These are Discussion Boards 165 words.  Please keep them number.

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