ask​: Write 700 word essay answering those two questions, about (operational management) Dont use references, no need Using APA style questions​: 1)Regarding competitive priorities Should the company excell in all of them, explain, defend using examples ? 2)What determine the choice of the competitive priorities that the a company should emphasize for its key process ? use order winners, order qualifiers and the diagram ? Information to help you answering: (use your own words, dont copy the sentences) Competitive priorities and capabilities The firm need to understand the needs of the external customers and seek to outperform the competitors in meeting them, in order to perform well in meeting the needs of the external customers, the company should also focus on meeting the needs of the internal customers “every process depends on getting inputs “needs” from the environment or the previous process” in order to insure a good performance from its core and support processes Competitive priorities: the critical dimensions that a process or supply chain must process to satisfy its internal or external customers, both now and in the future Competitive capabilities: the cost, quality, time and flexibility dimensions that a process or supply chain actually possesses and is able to deliver (i think competitive capabilities are processes/values that the firm delivers and then we put the competitive priorities on them to improve these capabilities groups) When the capability falls short of the priority attached to it, management must find ways to close the gap or else revise the priority Order winners and qualifiers Order winner: A criterion customers use to differentiate the services or products of one firm from those of another. (which will help determining what is to be a competitive advantage that the company must excel at) Order qualifier: Minimal level required from a set of criteria for a firm to do business in a particular market segment. Identifying gaps between competitive priorities and capabilities Once managers determine the competitive priorities for a process, it is necessary to assess the competitive capabilities of the process. Any gap between a competitive priority and the capability to achieve that competitive priority must be closed by an effective operations strategy.

Proposed answers for the two questions:

1) The company cannot excell on all of the competitive priorities because sometimes these priorities can contradict with each others, for instance (quality, cost, time), sometimes when increasing the quality, this lead to an increment of cost so you cant have the highest quality and lowest costs

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Yet the company can focus on excelling on multiple competitive priorities if they are not contradictory to each others, if they relate positively to eachothers and if they are all important to the customers, for instance there is the time based competition which is a strategy that focuses on the competitive priorities of delivery speed and development speed 2)it is not the company that chooses the competitive priorities, yet it is the customers that choses what is important to them and by that what the companies should compete on, customers decide what are the important values and companies compete to provide such values in the best possible way, get order winner, or satusfy customers minimum demands just to stay in the market competing,get order qualifier. Sometimes companies do segmentations in which they only focus on the needs of a certain segment of the customers and try to excel in delivering it

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