Assignment on PEDIATRIC Patient (CHILD or ADOLESCENSE

Discussion: Diagnosis and Management of Genitourinary Disorders

Case Study :

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Mark is a 15-year-old with complaint of acute left scrotal pain with nausea. The pain began approximately 6 hours ago as a dull ache and has gradually worsened to where he can no longer stand without doubling over. He is afebrile and in marked pain. Physical exam is negative except for elevation of the left testicle, diffuse scrotal edema, and the presence of a blue dot sign.

To prepare:

·         Review the above provided case studies

·         Analyze the patient information.

·         Post an explanation of the differential diagnosis for the patient in the case study you selected.

·         Explain which is the most likely diagnosis for the patient and why. Include an explanation of unique characteristics of the disorder you identified as the primary diagnosis.

·         Then, explain a treatment and management plan for the patient, including appropriate dosages for any recommended treatments.

·         Finally, explain strategies for educating patients and families on the treatment and management of the genitourinary disorder.

NOTE: This paper is on a child; not an ADULT patient.

WRITE a 11/2 (one & half) PAGE PAPER.

–Due Saturday 5/1/17; before Midnight

Must have Nursing background to take this job.

–Deliver scholarly written material not high school stuff I saw.

APA format with at least 5-6 references on your topic of choice.

—All references cited on paper and must be within 5 years old.

— Must be original and FREE OF PLAGIARISM.

NOTE: Each paper is run through Turn-it- in

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