A mental health agency measured the self‐esteem score for randomly selected individuals with disabilities who were involved in some work activity within the past year. The Excel file Self‐Esteem provides the data, including the individuals’ marital status, length of work, type of support received (direct support includes job‐related services such as job coaching and counseling), education, and age. a. Use multiple linear regression for predicting self‐ esteem as a function of length of work, support level, education, and age. b. Investigate possible interaction effects between support level and the other numerical variables by building an appropriate model. Determine the best model. c. Find the best regression model for predicting self‐ esteem as a function of length of work, marital status, education, and age. (Note that the categorical variable marital status has more than two levels.)


1. A community health status survey obtained the following demographic information from the respondents: Compute the relative frequency and cumulative relative frequency of the age groups. Also, estimate the average age of the sample of respondents. What assumptions do you have to make to do this? 2. The Excel file MBA Student Survey provides demographic data and responses to questions on the number of nights out per week and study hours per week for a group of MBA students. Construct frequency distributions and compute the relative frequencies for the categorical variables of gender, international student status, and undergraduate concentration. What conclusions can you draw?

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