Final P

This is the final submission for the CLC project. The final submission includes the Project Assignment 1 and 2 items incorporated into the final document.  This is a group paper that includes a discussion of which company provides the better notes to the financial statements for the reader as well as conforms best to FASB disclosure requirements. Refer to the Collaborative Learning Community Project Overview in the Course Materials for further information.

Items for Analysis:

Additional Criteria for Final Submission (Choose E or F AND G or H).

E. Review the notes to the financial statements to determine if your companies disclose any contingencies and/or commitments. What are the contingencies or commitments the result of? Determine if the contingencies are remote, reasonability possible or probable. Discuss how you know the category in which the contingency is (remote, reasonability possible or probable). Include information from the note to support your findings. How does each company comply with the rules as provided in the FASB Codification?

F. Determine if your company has assets under capital lease on its balance sheet. Explain the details of the leasing transactions, capital or operating, based on the amounts and disclosures found in the financial statements and the notes to the financial statements. How do the capital or operating leasing arrangements impact the overall profitability and debt position of your company? Do not complete a ratio analysis. Instead, focus on the details in the notes and determine how well the company presented the information to an informed reader. What did the company provide about its leases in the notes and why is that information important? How does each company comply with the rules as provided in the FASB Codification?

G. Examine the statement of cash flows for your company. Where is the company generating cash? What investments did it make over the past fiscal year? Did the company have financing activities? How would you describe the overall cash position of your company? Again, use the notes to the financial statements (not ratio analysis) to support your findings. How does each company comply with the rules as provided in the FASB Codification?

H. Review your company’s liabilities to determine if it offers a pension plan or the notes to determine if provides postretirement benefits for its employees. Discuss the type of retirement plan the company provides and the overall impact of the plan on the financial statements. Would you want to work for that company based on the retirement plan it offers? How does each company comply with the rules as provided in the FASB Codification?

Project Requirements

Prepare a comparative paper using the companies your team members analyzed. The final submission of the assignment should:

  1. Flow logically and appear to be written in one voice.
  2. Include an introductory paragraph about the industry in which your companies compete.
  3. Body of the paper consisting of a comparative analysis of all four Items for Analysis as they apply to your companies and are “proven” through the FASB Codification.
  4. Parts 1 and 2 should be updated to incorporate feedback from your professor. Be sure to consider the professor’s feedback for the new items you are submitting for items E or F and G or H.
  5. For the final submission include item E or F and item G or H so that you are analyzing four total items for each company.
  6. The discussion for each item for each company should be approximately 250 words. For the final submission, it would be approximately 1,000 words per company for items A/B, C/D, E/F, and G/H. With the industry overview and conclusion, a paper with four students would approximate 4,000-5,000 words.
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Business Environment

Since the early 2000’s social media has risen in use exponentially and what started as AOL and MySpace, both used solely as a place to connect and socialize with people online has become Instagram and Tik-Tok, sites where you can place ads, make a professional account, direct business, and socialize all at the same time. Social media has gained and retained popularity with millennials and Generation Z, they are the rising market and companies have to adapt in order to remain relevant and have a competing chance for this wide range of customers. Younger companies such as Amazon, Google, and Uber have successfully adapted a business model that includes social media and newer technology as part of their daily operations, some of them having even changed their operations to rely solely on these two new assets (such as Netflix that went from mailing DVDs to people’s homes to becoming a streaming service titan and dominating the entertainment world). Established companies whose main market was baby boomers and Generation X have either given in and adapted to these new business conditions or have gone under due to their inability to reach the new era; a great example of this is Blockbuster who we all knew about in our childhood and was one of the most successful chain stores at the time, however they filed for bankruptcy a couple years ago because they refused to adapt and join the technological revolution that the world was going through. Blockbuster had the chance to buy Netflix but they refused, believing that customers would not want to order movies online and have them delivered at home and we now know how that ended.  Social media is being used as a tool to connect with the majority of their customers because it binds together communities that are geographically isolated. This made cultural influence to become more direct and substantial.Businesses are using social media to their advantage. When societal issues arise like The Black Lives Matter movement, companies and brands will turn to social media to take their stance or show their support for the movement. Companies now have direct access to their consumers by staying up to date through social media and connecting with customers.

For this project we will discuss the rise of social media and technological advancements regarding business development and adaptation, we will also discuss how it transformed how culture works in a way that weakens certain branding techniques. We will analyze how social media can become an incredible tool for businesses to use but how it can also deter their image and business, while offering ideas as to how to successfully approach this never-ending cycle of new social media platforms rising with young generations. The development of new technologies also affects businesses and how they take on these new challenges could dictate the success of the brand for the nearby future.

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MBA Finance

Question 1

Quest Financial services balance sheets report $200 million in total debt, $100 million in short-term investments, and $30 million in preferred stock. Quest has 10 million shares of common stock outstanding. A financial analyst estimated that Quest’s value of operations is $1000 million. What is the analyst’s estimate of the intrinsic stock price per share?

Question 2

Lincoln Incorporated is expected to pay a $4.5 per share dividend at the end of this year (i.e., D1 = $4.50). The dividend is expected to grow at a constant rate of 5% a year. The required rate of return on the stock is, rs, is 12%. What is the estimated value per share of Boehm stock?

Question 3

Assume that the average firm in Masters Corporation’s industry is expected to grow at a constant rate of 3% and that its dividend yield is 5%. Masters is about as risky as the average firm in the industry and just paid a dividend (D0) of $2.5. Analysts expect that the growth rate of dividends will be 25% during the first year (g0,1 = 25%) and 10% during the second year (g1,2 = 10%). After Year 2, dividend growth will be constant at 5%. What is the required rate of return on Masters’s stock? What is the estimated intrinsic per share?

Question 4

Several years ago, Macro Riders issued preferred stock with a stated annual dividend of 5% of its $600 par value. Preferred stock of this type currently yields 10%. Assume dividends are paid annually.

i)What is the estimated value of Macro’s preferred stock?

ii)Suppose interest rate levels have risen to the point where the preferred stock now yields 14%. What would be the new estimated value of Macro’s preferred stock?



Note : 

Submit your answers in a Word document.

Should be 0% Plagiarism APA Format. Minimum atleast 2 to 3 papers 

Plagiarism Report is required.

If you reviewed any definition from the sources add the reference as well

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Business Governance Plan

Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper identifying the functional departments that must participate in a business governance plan within the industry you selected in Week 4.

Please use the  automobile industries  that I talked about in the paper

Explain departmental roles and the significance of those roles to the plan, as well as the political ramifications of including each department.

Evaluate internal interaction and external interfaces for each department.

Address at least the following departments in your plan:

Human resources



Marketing and advertising

Board of directors

Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.

Include at least five scholarly references in your paper.

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