Operation’s Management Reflective Essay

Operation’s Management Reflective Essay
You will be tasked with a 2000-word reflective essay. You are required to critically evaluate the qualities and skills that operations management professionals need to help companies solve operational problems and adapt to changes in the business environment effectively.
Your evaluation should consider the qualities and skills required in three or more dimensions of operations management (e.g. Product and Service Design, Operational Leadership, Operational Management, Operational Performance, Operational Strategy, Capacity and Inventory Management, Supply Network Management, Change Management, Continuous Improvement, Industry 4.0).  Where appropriate you should reflect on your own experience as a team member of the operations management project team challenge.Operation’s Management Reflective Essay


To do so, link the qualities and skills you identify to the competencies required by operations management professionals and indicate how they were developed in you during your time on this  course. Compare your own progress (i.e. reflective learning) against the skills and qualities that you identified previously. Critically discuss and present a set of personal objectives in the domain of Operations Management and explain what exactly you will be doing to achieve these objectives.
Support your work with 15 – 20 academic references! Please refer to the CABS ABS Journal Ranking to ensure appropriate quality of references you use. Three and four-star journals are considered of higher quality.
Plain English with any abbreviations, acronyms etc. explained
Reflective writing should be written in the first person e.g. ‘I did this…., I felt that.., My thoughts on this were…’
Other academic writing should be written in the third person e.g. ‘It can be seen…, It could be argued…’ Operation’s Management Reflective Essay

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