Module 3 Assignment Nursing ADN Program
Care Plan
40 Points Due Date April 19, 2017 Directions: 
Use the following information to create a care plan that identifies resources to assist G.T. and her daughter. G.T. is a 69 year old Hispanic woman. She was widowed five years ago and lives alone. Her son and daughter live near-by. She emigrated from Mexico in her teens, and married a man of eastern Indian decent that she met in an English speaking class. G.T. has a high school diploma, and worked for many years as an administrative assistant to an insurance executive. Her mother followed a Curandero as her primary health care provider when G.T. was growing up in Mexico. G.T. follows some western health care practices at the insistence of her daughter, but leans towards more cultural beliefs and sees a Curandero along with a physician. G.T. loves to cook and garden, and makes many traditional foods. She is retired now, has a cat and is very involved in her church. G.T. has a medical history of Diabetes Mellitus Type II, which is not well controlled, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, and gout. G.T. has developed incontinence, and she fell and fracture her right hip one month ago. She was hospitalized, and has been discharged to her daughter’s home. A home health nurse has been assigned to follow G.T., and is making her third visit to the home. G.T. is still incontinent, and experiencing constipation because she won’t drink fluids due to the incontinence. Her daughter, D.M., is caring for G.T., and tells the nurse: “I just don’t know what to do, I can’t take it anymore.” When asked about their relationship, her daughter states “I don’t mean to, but I yell at her sometimes, and then I feel so awful”. She also shares that she has to wash her mother’s linen every day, and asks “Can we put in a foley catheter, I am struggling with laundry”. Her daughter goes on to explain that her mother refuses to eat what the rest of the family eats, and that she is having trouble keeping up with making separate meals since her mother “hardly eats anyway”. When asked about her mother’s activity level her daughter says “I think she lays in bed most of the day, and stays up all night watching movies, I think she is in pain, but she denies it. Then I catch her taking medicine, and am worried if she is taking it at the right time”. Care Plan Organization and Formatting Use the provided Care Plan Template. Use professional language, free of spelling and grammar errors. Include at least twp peer-reviewed or evidence based resource to support the care plan. The Care Plan must be well organized, following the Nursing Process with a logical flow and accurate content that clearly relates to the topic. Follow APA guidelines to cite sources and provide a reference page. Care Plan includes the following: Data Collection and Organization Include subjective and objective data to support each nursing diagnosis. Be thorough and detailed, data should be clustered to each nursing diagnosis, and be sure to demonstrate cultural awareness in your assessments. Use your imagination to fill in gaps so that a clear picture is provided. Three priority nursing diagnoses: Each nursing diagnosis is written following the correct format Supports attention to immediate needs of the patient and her family At least one addresses the patients culture At least one addresses caregiver stress One short term and one long term SMART Goal for each nursing diagnosis: Each goal follows the SMART format Each goal demonstrates cultural awareness by aligning with the patient’s health beliefs, traditions, and practices. Three evidence-based nursing interventions for each goal List the nursing interventions in order of priority. Each nursing intervention demonstrates cultural awareness by aligning with the patient’s health beliefs, traditions, and practices. Provide a rationale for each nursing intervention supported with a peer-reviewed or evidence based resource. Goal Evaluation Provide an accurate and realistic description of how you would evaluate each goal. Provide an alternate outcome or intervention for each goal.

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