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For this task you need to write a 2000-word essay. Using failure to rescue as the topic of your essay, you are required to critically evaluate this issue. Your analysis should include a discussion of incidence, consequences and then prevention strategies. The analysis should include the discussion of two (2) nursing strategies that involve interprofessional practice and the identification of barriers that affect the implementation of such strategies. Patient safety needs to underpin this analysis & discussion.

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Your essay MUST include the following components:

An introductory paragraph that identifies the aim of the assignment.

A definition of failure to rescue.

A discussion of the incidence of adverse events linked to failure to rescue in Australian hospital settings.

An analysis of the consequences of failure to rescue for the patient, the patient’s family and the health care system

A discussion of the potential barriers (discuss TWO) that can result in registered nurses failing to rescue in a hospital setting.

A discussion about how registered nurses may overcome these potential barriers ( TWO chosen) in a hospital setting to promote patient safety.

A critical evaluation of TWO nursing strategies involving inter-professional practice that may be used to prevent registered nurses from failing to rescue .

A conclusion with a final paragraph summarising the central points of your essay.

A Reference list formatted to APA6 style.

Reference to a minimum of 10 journal articles no more than five years old.

Note that the term critically evaluate “sometimes called critically analyse or review means to show the essence of something by breaking it down into it is components parts, examining each part in detail and explaining issues…” (Griffith Health Writing and Referencing Guide, 2018, paragraph 1). It also means making connections and seeing relationships between information. The term critically evaluate also implies to weigh up strengths and weaknesses and judge the worth of the argument or position (Griffith Health Writing and Referencing Guide, 2018).

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