You want to pick a health topic that impacts a certain group of people IE hypertension in African American men. You will need to use population data to justify this problem ie in the state of Maryland the HTN rate in African Americans is two times that of whites of the same income and education – just an example…Topic to Discuss: HIV rates among the homeless population in Texas:These are the parts that need to be in your paper:For the Part 1 application (approximately 34 pages of content with a title page and references in APA format) address the following:1. Describe your selected population health issue and the population affected by this issue.2. Summarize the two advocacy campaigns you researched in this area. -you are looking in the literature for programs that have shown results in reducing this problem3. Explain the attributes that made those campaigns effective. -Why did the campaigns work?4. Begin to develop a plan for a health advocacy campaign that seeks to create a new policy or change an existing policy with regard to the issue and population you selected. Be sure to include in your plan: -what policy change could be made to help your issue. Please pick a certain population in your state or town or county – this will make your life MUCH easier!5. A description of the public health issue and proposed policy solution6. Specific objectives for the policy you want to be implemented7. Begin to substantiate your proposed campaign by data and evidence.Due Date 06/22/2017 at 1400Hrs

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