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Fire Prevention and Protection Report

Acme Manufacturing Co. has another job for BSCI, and Bob Sanders (your supervisor) asks you to complete it. BSCI has been contracted by Acme Manufacturing Co. to conduct a fire protection and prevention inspection. During the inspection, you make several notes, which you use to prepare a written report. Later, Bob Sanders (CSP) intends to utilize your report as he presents the details to the Board of Directors. During your field investigations, you find the following data:

Welding Shop

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In the welding shop, you collect measurements of the floor space which measures 125 ft. x 80 ft. In the center of the room, near a column, you notice that there is one fire extinguisher, which is a 2A10B:C rated extinguisher. Determine if this is an adequate number of extinguishers for this area. Explain.

Molding Shop

In the molding shop, employees prepare resins to shape the molds used in creating one of the products manufactured by Acme. The area has a strong odor of acetone, which is used significantly in the preparation of the resin molds. In this area, you notice that there is a sprinkler system, and the sprinkler head is green. What is the maximum ceiling temperature for this area?

As mentioned, employees in this shop use a significant amount of acetone in the preparation process. Also while conducting the inspection of this shop, you notice an overhead gas space heater with an open flame. What are the UEL/UFL and LEL/LFL of acetone? What actions would you take immediately in this area? Explain.

Respond to the details in each section, and format your report in APA style. Include at least each of the following in your report for this unit:

  • Introduction—briefly describe why the studies were performed (why you started the study).
  • Report details—briefly discuss the details of the scenario (what you found from the study).
  • Conclusions and recommendations—briefly describe your recommendations based on your findings (what you recommend to resolve any deficiencies).
  • Appendix—Measurements and calculations (show your work).
  • At least one page (double-spaced) in length (not including the reference page and appendices).

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