Nursing project

Before beginning your group project, please review (AND PRINT) the Assignment Instructions and Examples.  Also, review the Grading Rubric below.  


  • Apply teaching and learning principles to develop a teaching plan.
  • Promote teamwork in nursing through continual and active collaboration.
  • Use credible websites and scholarly work to develop a teaching plan.
  • Demonstrate proper use of APA format when citing references. Click on this Link (Links to an external site.)


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  • The student will formulate a teaching plan.
  • The student will demonstrate an understanding of developmental considerations, barriers to patient learning, and principles of adult learning for a target audience.
  • The student will identify learner goals and objectives, specific content, learning domains, and teaching methods based on principles of teaching and learning to promote cardiovascular health.


  • Students MUST complete this project in the Groups / Collaborations area of Canvas
  • All work on this assignment MUST be done using Google Docs on the form provided in Groups / Collaborations
    • Do NOT start a new collaboration
    • Do NOT create another Word or PowerPoint document
    • Do NOT email the work between group members
  •  Utilize the information in your textbook on pages 271-272 to review the following: 1) Barriers to patient learning (Box 13-8), 2) Principles of adult learning (Box 13-9), and 3) Basics of teaching patients and families (Box 13-10)
  • View the following PowerPoint to give you a basic understanding about how to write a Teaching and Learning Plan.  Teaching and Learning Module & Template for Teaching Plan.pptx 
  • View the following example before beginning. Asthma Prevention Teaching Strategies.docx
  • Each student should select one area to complete. The following three (3) areas to include in the Teaching Plan for the Promotion of Cardiovascular Health are: 

I made notes 

 Exercise management

Paitent is stubborn

Age group early 40’s

NOTE: If there are only two (2) students in your group, only complete two (2) topics listed above.

Please be creative and detail the profile of your target audience. PUT SOME TIME AND EFFORT INTO DEVELOPING A “PICTURE” OF THE “PATIENT” YOU WILL BE TEACHING!

  • Decide on a Target Audience for this assignment. ONLY SELECT ONE AGE GROUP.
  • Developmental Considerations relate to “Learner Readiness.” Learner readiness takes into account physical, cognitive, and psychosocial maturation. Include Erikson’s Psychosocial Theory for the age group of your target audience. GIVE A BRIEF SUMMARY OF ERIKSON’S STAGE AS IT RELATES TO YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE.  Other developmental considerations include the willingness or ability of the individual to learn, prior life experiences, and cultural influences. In addition to identifying developmental considerations, you, as the nurse will also identify any barriers to learning. 
  • The content of instruction is the information that will be taught by the nurse. THE CONTENT MUST COME FROM A PROFESSIONAL WEBSITE SUCH AS THE AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION, CDC, USDA – DIETARY GUIDELINES ETC.
  • Use each of the three domains of learning in your teaching plan. For an understanding of learning domains see: 3 DOMAINS OF LEARNING.docx
  • Learner goals and objectives must be patient-centered. For an understanding of Goals and Objectives see: WRITING LEARNER GOALS AND OBJECTIVES.docx 
  • Include APA references. See “APA Tutorial & References” in the Modules tab of this course.   

Cite reference(s) using APA format. Click on this Link (Links to an external site.). If you cite more than one reference, please list your references within the body of the text (not at the end of your submission) to show where the information was obtained. Proper use of referencing will allow your colleagues to find information of interest and this will augment student learning!

Please paraphrase your work or use direct quote(s) as needed. The majority of the information that you submit must be your own work. You may not “cut and paste” information from the Internet as this is considered plagiarism.  

  • Group Project Grading Rubric 


Group Project Grading Rubric

Group Project Grading RubricCriteriaRatingsPts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeCONTENT

The project contained an exceptional amount of valuable information, including references in APA format.25.0 pts

The project contained a good amount of valuable information, including references in APA format.22.0 pts

The project contained a fair amount of valuable information and/or references were not in APA format.19.0 pts

The project contained little to no valuable information OR no work was submitted.0.0 pts

25.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeCOLLABORATION

Team members always worked from others’ ideas. Team members contributed equally to the project.25.0 pts

Team members worked from others’ ideas most of the time. You contributed a good amount of effort to this project.22.0 pts

Team members sometimes worked from others’ ideas. You contributed a fair amount of effort to this project, but participation was late and/or lacking.15.0 pts

Team members did not work from others’ ideas. You did not work on this project with your team members; no work was submitted.0.0 pts

25.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeORGANIZATION

The project was exceptionally well prepared and easy to follow.25.0 pts

The project was well prepared but somewhat difficult to follow.22.0 pts

The project was minimally prepared and/or difficult to follow.19.0 pts

The project showed lack of preparation and was unorganized OR no work was submitted.0.0 pts

25.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeLEARNING DOMAINS AND TEACHING METHODS

The project’s learning domains and teaching methods were always congruent.25.0 pts

The project’s learning domains and teaching methods were mostly congruent.22.0 pts

The project’s learning domains and teaching methods were not congruent.19.0 pts

The project lacked inclusion of appropriate learning domains and teaching methods OR no work was submitted.0.0 pts

25.0 pts

Total Points: 100.0

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