1. As a nurse, ethics and ethical decision making is an essential part of your nursing skill set. What does ethical decision making mean to you?

2. As a nurse, it is important to develop a personal nursing philosophy statement, an explanation of what nursing is to you and how it guides your nursing practice. Disscuss your personal nursing statement

3. As a nurse, often conflict can occur in both your work and home life. Describe an event in which there was a conflict and the methods you need to resolve this conflict.

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Making a Long-Term Plan The human resource manager in the facility where you are a supervisor has just completed a survey of the potential retirement plans of the nursing staff and found that within 5 years, 45% of the staff will probably be retiring. You know that past and present available statistics show that you normally replace 10% to 20% of your staff each year with new hires. You are concerned, as you do not know how you will be able to handle this new increase in your need for staff.


Make a 5-year, long-term plan that will increase the likelihood of your being able to meet this new demand. Remember that other units within your facility and other healthcare organizations in your region may also be facing the same problem.

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