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Assignment Paper C  – Current Or Emerging Technology Ethics Research Paper

1. Papers Objective. The objective of this paper and outline is to:

  • Evaluate a new ethical issue (not used in prior submissions as this will be your final class paper before the Assignment D presentation.)
  •  Focus your research, so that one or more ethical principles are applied and explained as a result of your research. This process helps you establish a thesis for your research.

2. Topic Selection.  Select a digital ethical issue for your research that is caused by the existing or emerging technology. 

  • Students must select a new ethical issue (not used for prior assignments) related to an existing or emerging technology and research the topic and its related ethical issues.
  • Be sure to keep in mind that the technology aspects of this assignment are different from those of Paper A (Application of decision-making frameworks to IT-related ethical issues) or Paper B, which dealt with aspects of ethical issues and a subsequent organizational policy.
  • The link below provides some suggested topical ideas you may want to consider.  Please remember that the emphasis on this paper is on digital technology and the ethical issue(s) with its use

Recommended Source:

3. Research Paper Outline 

a. Title Page –  Begin with a topic title that describes what you will research.

b. Topic Justification – Briefly explain the reason for your topic selection (100- 150 words recommended).

c. Research Questions – Based on your research and the ethical theories discussed in class, determine three ethically critical (important) questions to be addressed by the paper regarding your topic. List your questions in order of priority and for each question:  

(1) State your question

(2) Justification â€œwhy” this question is critically important to the papers ethical issue. 

(3) Research Findings. Using your research,



d. Research Conclusions – Provide a conclusion for your research that addresses the following.



e. Reference Page.  List and cite your references in accordance to APA requirements.

Note: Your research of the topic, questions and answers must be based on at least three reference sources.  This paper is an academic research paper, therefore, two of these sources must be from the UMGC library database (or an equivalent academic database).  These reference sources must have external links. (Note: You are likely to find additional and even better references/sources as you continue your research for this Assignment.)

Remember: the emphasis on this paper is on digital technology and the ethical issue(s) with its use!   Therefore, please ensure that your research for this assignment addresses the ethical issues of an existing or emerging technology


4. APA Format. Follow all APA formatting requirements. Therefore,

a. The title page must include the topic tittle, your name, the UMGC/Name of the Class, and date.

b. Excluding the title and reference page, the papers “size” should be a minimum 4-6 page, double-spaced paper and submit it to the Assignments Module as an attached Microsoft Word file.

c. Use appropriate APA compliant reference citations for all sources you use. 

d. In addition to critical thinking and analysis skills, your paper should reflect appropriate grammar and spelling, good organization, and proper business-writing style.


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