Write 150 word responds to discussion below. Need to cite and reference to support answerHas anyone looked at the DSM V? It is the driving authority of healthcare professionals in diagnosis mental health disorders.It identifies the symptoms criteria that need to be met and descriptions of all the bonified disorders. Axis 1 tend to be the most serious followed by Axis 2 and a person can be have both Axis I and II disorders simultaneously. In my current profession there appears to be a pattern of people being sent into opioid withdrawal and as a result go into crisis in the hospital. I believe they are calling it opioid induced anxiety disorder of some sort. It is not a true diagnosis but the addiction of a drug in combination of life/personal issues can cause people to bottom out. People fall into depression develop anxiety and mood swings/disorders. The combination of drugs such as opiates and benzodiazepines (Xanex Klonopin) has sent people into panic and hallucinations. Each person is different in the eyes of the medical field therefore one of our mottos is to the treat the patient not the population. Opiates is an epidemic maybe even pandemic. Currently there is an ever growing need for licensed addiction counselors. Thisis a great form of private counseling with great opportunities to advance.

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