Because many aspects of health care operations are changing health care administrators oversee a wide variety of projects. These can include logistical projects such as moving a department to a new facility technology-related projects such as introducing a new system or piece of equipment or process-related projects such as initiating new procedures for patient discharge. If the project has any degree of complexity it will benefit from a project management approach. Administrators and managers in health care need to have a working understanding of project management: why it is important what it accomplishes and the repercussions on the organization if its basic tenets are ignored or not followed. Within project management the project plan is the cornerstone of successful execution of a project. The project plan is designed to guide the process and execution of a project.For this Assignment you will develop a project plan using as your focus a work-related project you are doing now or will be doing in the future.It is suggested that the project you select be manageable in scope and not overly complex. You will assume that the objectives and scope of the project you have selected have been vetted and approved. The next step is to develop a project plan. You will develop a project management plan that will walk through key steps of the project management process. The objective of this Assignment is not a deep dive into the full intricacies of project management. Rather it is to ensure that as a health care administrator you have a solid theory and practical knowledge of key aspects of the project management process.For Part 1 of this Assignment you will create a Service Level Agreement (35 pages) which includes the following:There are many different methodologies for planning and scheduling a project. For this Assignment you will develop a Gantt chart that depicts key project activities time allotted for each activity and when each activity is scheduled to begin. To do so you will need to consider dependencies. Some activities will be sequential others may be simultaneous and some may overlap.Note:You may create your own Gantt chart using Excel or search for and download a Gantt chart template.A project begins with an approved budget. Too often however unless the budget is meticulously managed budget overruns occur. Health care administrators must ensure that the project management process includes careful oversight on spending. In 23 pages describe the project budget key success factors including the following:Even the most straightforward and well-planned project can be impacted by unexpected circumstances. Anticipating risks is a key part of project management and one that a health care administrator or manager must ensure is taken into consideration by the project team. Additionally If not carefully monitored budget and time constraints can take a toll on the quality of a project. Create a 24 page risk management and quality management plan which includes the following:

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