Case Presentation: Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

AJ is a 56-year old man who receives care from the primary care clinic at a university hospital. Today, AJ presents to his visit with complaints of worsening nocturia, hesitancy, and a weak urinary stream. Although AJ has had similar complaints over the past 6 months, his symptoms have worsened recently and are now interfering with his daily living, especially because he has been waking up several times each night to go to the bathroom. The medical resident taking care of AJ diagnoses him with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). He writes a prescription for Flomax 0.4 mg and instructs AJ to take 1 tablet daily.

What are the clinical manifestation of this disease?

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• Generalized Clinical Manifestations?

• Specific manifestations based on the case above? 


• Develop a specific pathophysiology based on the case above.

Medical Management 

What are the common medical management (surgical, diagnostic, pharmacologic) of this disease?

• Surgical Management

• Diagnostic Procedures 

• Pharmacologic Management 

Nursing Management 

Appropriate Nursing Management based on the case above.

• Assessment

• Nursing Diagnosis (Based on the assessment data, the following are the major nursing diagnosis) 

• Planning and Goals 

• Nursing Intervention (Nursing interventions that will focus on the during and after acute phase) 

• Evaluation (List expected patient outcomes)

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