For this assignment, you will research risk management programs for health care facilities or organizations. Review the criteria below in order to select an exemplar that applies to your current or anticipated professional arena. (Note: Select an example plan with sufficient data to be able to complete the assignment successfully.)
In a 1,000-1,250 word paper, provide an analysis that includes the following:

Brief summary description of the type of risk management plan you selected (new employee, specific audience, community-focused, etc.) and your rationale for selecting that example.
Description of the recommended administrative steps and processes in a typical health care organization risk management program contrasted with the administrative steps and processes you can identify in your selected example plan. (Note: Select an example plan with sufficient data to be able to complete the assignment successfully.)
Analyze the key agencies and organizations that regulate the administration of safe health care and the roles each play in the risk management oversight process.
Evaluation of the selected exemplar risk management plan regarding compliance with the American Society of Healthcare Risk Management (ASHRM) standards relevant to privacy, health care worker safety, and patient safety.
Proposed recommendations or changes you would make to your selected risk management program example to enhance, improve, or to secure compliance standards.

In addition to your textbook, you are required to support your analysis with a minimum of three peer-reviewed references.
Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.
This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.
You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite. Please refer to the directions in the Student Success Center.

What Is A Research Paper And How To Write It?

We all have heard about how a particular person is writing a research paper as a project or as their final paper. Have you ever wondered what a research paper is? How is it written? Why is it called a research paper? How come it is too time-consuming? There are many questions when people who do not know a research paper hear its name for the first time.

A research paper is an academic paper in which a student writes about his chosen topic in detail. The research paper includes all his research, findings, and information related to that topic in a detailed version. It is not an easy task to write a whole research paper. It is called a research paper because it is written after numerous researches and collecting data from various sources. A person has to have a lot of information about a specific topic which means endless visits to the libraries and surfing the internet all day. If you have issues in writing a research paper, Coursework Geeks will guide and help you, which will make it easier. The research paper should have a few qualities in you do not want to get rejected. The qualities include being accurate, which means all the facts mentioned should be correct. It should be clear that no problematic words or complicated things should be mentioned. A research paper should be in sequence. If you are discussing women’s rights, start with a clear introduction which should clear the concept of the topic in peoples’ minds, do not just start how society is being unfair to them. Start everything with a sequence. It should be measured, which means if you are asked to write 5000 words, try to finish your research paper in those 5000 words. More than the required words can make the research paper lengthy and tedious. Your research paper must be well written, your facts have some weight to prove your point, and your findings are interesting to read so that people take your research paper seriously and accept it too.

A typical research paper consists of the following sections:

  • Title page
  • Abstract
  • Problem statement
  • Introduction
  • Limitations
  • Methodology
  • Literature review
  • Discussion or argument
  • Conclusion
  • References

Title Page:

The title page is the name of your topic, written on a separate page so that it becomes clear what your topic is or which topic you are going to talk about.


An abstract is not required in every research paper, and the purpose of writing an abstract is to overview the topic. It is not too long, and it tells the theme of the research paper and is about 100-300 words.

Problem Statement:

As the name says, the problem statement tells the main concern or the main problem. So that it is easy for people to know what is the whole research paper is all about.


An introduction is a lengthy version of the abstract. It explains the whole topic. What is it? What are we going to talk about? What is the primary concern of the whole research paper? The introduction must be crisp yet exciting and should be longer than the abstract but not too long.


Limitations are telling what you will do and what you will not do. A writer can limit the paper by factors like age, occupation, etc.


The methodology is how you conducted the study? Did you use a survey or a questionnaire? Was the research quantitative or qualitative? How did you collect data and other facts? What sources were used when conducting this research?

Literature Review:

A literature review is where the writer writes about other writers who have published their work on the same topic. A literature review uncovers the paper’s general context by telling what other writers have to say about the very same topic.

Discussion Or Argument:

The discussion or argument is the longest part of the whole paper. The writer writes all the facts and opinions about the topic, and he builds the whole argument in this section. This section should focus on the topic and be very clear with whatever he is writing down. The clearer the argument is, the better it will look, and the lesser are the chances of the research paper getting rejected.


The conclusion is the final result of the research paper. Everything in a nutshell and the final verdict about the paper: the conclusion should be powerful as the rest of the sections, and it should make sense and be very well written because it brings the whole paper together.


References include all the websites, books, and magazines you took help from. It is essential to cite those lines and add references to avoid the crime that is plagiarism. Acknowledge the writer’s work is very much essential.

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This is how a research paper is written in an organized form. Please choose a format you want to choose, such as APA, MLA, Chicago, or Harvard, and cite them according to one specific format. For help, you can always search for research papers help online. There are millions of research papers available on every topic. The writers are from every country, so you will have a piece of complete knowledge and the point of view of every country on that specific topic you are writing on. Writing a research paper is not an easy task because it takes a lot of time to research and gather authentic information. The biggest issue is conducting surveys and asking people about the topic. Not everybody is interested in giving out their views or filling out a questionnaire. But when it is written, it is worth every hard work you have done.


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In summary, the content above shows the benefits that a student achieves by embracing the online assignments writing agencies. The students’ main aim is to make sure that he/she has to improve his/her academic grades. Thus, by subscribing to online assignments writing services, students are assured of good academic results.

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Effective Learning: Using Study Group for Exam Preparation

How to Form a Study Group (with Pictures) - wikiHow

Effective Learning: Using Group study for Exam Preparation

If an exam is pending, the question of the ideal preparation arises. Many people believe that they can learn best on their own – but isn’t group learning more effective? We show you the advantages of learning groups and what you have to pay attention to when organizing.

Whether during school, studying or as part of further training – if you want to do something for your (professional) future, you can’t avoid exams. For many people, exams are extremely stressful because they naturally want to get the best grades, but do not know how to effectively prepare for the exam.

Often those affected “barricade” themselves in their apartment before the exam and spend all of their time studying. However, this is often not particularly effective, and so the question arises: How can you prepare for an exam as well as possible? According to a Coursework Geeks Experts, a good option is to prepare for exams in study groups, because learning together with others is not only fun, it is the perfect complement to learning as a “lone fighter”.

In this article we will show you why learning in study groups is so effective and what you need to pay attention to when preparing for exams in study groups.

Learning in a group – the better way?

Study groups are very effective and help you prepare for exams – it’s easy to say, but you might be wondering why it is. It is therefore worth taking a closer look at the advantages of learning groups – and also addressing the possible disadvantages and problems.

A big advantage of learning groups is certainly the motivation. If you learn alone, motivation is often quickly lost and then the temptation is great to “take a break” or to convince yourself that “you have already understood the topic”. On the other hand, when you learn together with others, such excuses are far less effective. You can also support the other group members with encouraging words or specific help if you are stuck with a topic or have not understood something.

Another benefit of learning groups is the different learning methods and approaches that group members use. This will allow you to see a topic from different angles and possibly find easier access to it. We will explain to you later which learning methods work particularly well in learning groups.

In a learning group you will always receive direct feedback – if you have made a mistake, the other group members will point it out to you so that the mistake cannot even become established in the brain as “wrong knowledge”.

Of course, study groups are not a “magic potion” when it comes to exam preparation. They require a very high degree of organization, and the members of the group must have roughly the same level of knowledge so that learning can work effectively. In addition, they cannot completely replace learning outside the group – the group members should bring a basic knowledge with them that can then be deepened and consolidated in the learning group.

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