Child custody case Which of the following is example of a civil law They determined education requirements for licensure The nurse practice act of a state defined the scope and responsibilities of nursing practice in that state. Which of the following is true regarding nurse practice act Approving or rejecting applications for new nursing education programs Which of the following falls under the jurisdiction of the state board of nursing Practicing while impaired The most common reason the nurses are disciplined by the state board of nursing is Developing the NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN licensing examination What is the primary function of the national Council of State Board of nursing Placing the head of the bed flat when a patient is receiving a tube feeding, causing the patient to aspirate the mixture What’s the following actions by the nurse costumes professional malpractice Proximate cause The nurse forgets to give the patient does Savannah biotic. Later in the shift, the patient goes into cardiac arrest and dies. What a woman is walking to support malpractice Acute care Analysis of cases of reported negligence from 1985 to 2001 demonstrated that the majority of cases occurred in which patient care setting Communicate with the patient A competent resident in a long-term care facility refuses and ordered antidepressant medication. The nurse please the patient needs a medication because he is a clearly showing signs of depression and dissolves the medication in juice without telling the patient this illustrates negligence by failure to “No,posting pictures of patients and families on social media site is not acceptable” A nursing student got a thank you card from a patient’s family and had another student take a photo of the student with the family. The student asked the nursing instructor if it would be all right to post a photo on Facebook. Which response by instructors best Notifying the position of her findings before giving the medication The nurse give me medications to pediatric patient notes that in order for medication is considerably larger than the usual dose. She looks at the medication and pharmacology book and find she’s correct about the.dosage. Which action should she take Accountability Which of the following nurse responsibilities can never be delegated “Record the urine output, and report me if they have not voided within four hours “ The RN asked a nursing assistant to monitor several postop patients. Which the following instructions the nursing assistant demonstrate appropriate delegation The RN is ultimately responsible for acts here she delegates The RN delegates changing the cell dressing over central line to a licensed practical/vocational nurse. The LPN/LVN contaminated the Seiter in the dressing change infection developing the patient. Which the following statements is true Informed consent What’s the following is legitimate defense to charge of assault and battery Patient received a preop dose of Demerol before giving consent And which of the following situation should the legality of an informed consent be questioned Serving as a witness, ensuring that the patient does not feel coerced into a decision Which of the following is a nursing responsibility regarding informed consent Reporting certain diseases to public health Authority Which the following actions is acceptable as an exception to nurses obligation regarding confidentiality Patients are protected against medical records being indiscriminately shared Which patient rights are guaranteed by Hippa Refuse to give the information A child is tested for genetic abnormalities. After the test results are delivered from the lab a representative of the parents medical insurance company called the nurses station and ask for the results of the test. The nurses best response to this request is to Advanced directive The patient self-determination act of 1991 as implemented today is known as providing Not assessing the patient was complaining of pain Which of the following puts the nurse at increased risk for legal action Patient demanding and difficult to please Which of the following chart entries represents a pitiful and documentation Demonstrating the use of the nursing process when charting The quality of nursing care is judgment whether nursing actions meet the standard of care. Which of the following is an example of meeting the standard of care Develop caring therapeutic relationships with patients Which of the following is important step in preventing legal action against the nurse.

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