1. Then, read the information provided at,Florence Nightingale Connecting Her Legacy With Local-to-Global Health Today (note you do not have to pay anything to read this article).
  2. Review the information on Millennium Goals presented at the beginning of this lesson.
  3. Take the CE Test; you must score 100% on this to continue this assignment and receive a grade.
  4. Upload post test to this dropbox before completing the remaining items.
  5. Finally, answer the following questions:
    • Has Florence Nightingale’s legacy influenced your perception of the Millennium Goals? Why or Why not? (30%)
    • Choose three millennium goals that you can advance in your role as a nurse. Explain these goals and state how you plan to advance each of the goals. (30%)
    • Give two to three examples of how your community of nurses collectively or individually can help advance the UN Goals. (30%)
  6. Your answers should be in a WORD document and formatted per APA Style guidelines. Be sure to use standard English grammar and spelling in your responses. (10%)

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