Purpose: Discussion class 505 .Unit 1

Things to remember:

Discussion post is at least 200 words.

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Answers all questions with opinions/ideas creatively and clearly. Supports post using several outside, peer-reviewed sources.

3 References, try to find resources that are 5 years or less

No errors with APA format 6thEdition

To Discuss:

Clinical inquiry will be expressed in the PICOT format (review your text on this):

· Population

· Intervention

· Comparison

· Outcome

· Time

In order to avoid going insane, it is a good idea to use your practice setting as a starting place. Think about some of the things that you do and why you do them. Is there a better way? Are your patient’s experiencing outcomes that are less than optimal? Might there be more effective interventions?

Elements of your PICOT should be narrow and specific. For example: for population, using MedSurg patients is much too general. Be specific. A good example of a specific population would be geriatric patients status post total knee replacement.


After you have identifed your clinical inquiry, you need to look for any evidence you can find (at the library) to support the practice or on which to base a practice change. Post your PICOT and evidence by Sunday night.

Please–no topics involving patient falls or handwashing, unless of course these are a VERYserious issue at your practice sight.

Keep in mind that your clinical inquiry will be refined and even possibly change completely during the course of this term. It does not have to be perfect this week. I will give you feedback on your Unit 1 Discussion Topic 2 in order to help get you off on the right track.

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