• Clinical Reasoning Cycle (Levett-Jones, 2018) as a framework to plan and evaluate person-centred care

• Consider the person’s situation

• Collect, process and present related health information

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• Identify and prioritise at least three (3) nursing problems/issues based on the health assessment data that you have identified for the person at the centre of care.

• Establish goals for priority of nursing care related to the nursing problem/issues identified

• Discuss the nursing care of the person; link it to assessment data and history.

• Evaluate your nursing care strategies to justify the nursing care provided

• Reflect on the person’s outcomesDocument Preview:

Assessment task 2: Case study Assignment Students will complete a case study which discusses the provision of ethical, legal, evidence-based, holistic person-centred care including the establishment of realistic and relevant goals through the theoretical examination of a particular nursing specialty case study using the Clinical Reasoning Cycle (Levett-Jones, 2013). Weighting: 50% Length and/or format: 1600 words +/-10% Purpose: The case study is designed to allow students the opportunityto demonstrate synthesis of theory and experience acquired inprevious and concurrent units while exploring a specificnursing context. Learning outcomes assessed: 2, 5, 6 How to submit: Students should submit electronically via the appropriateTurnitin drop box located in the assessment block on the LEOsite. Return of assignment: Assignments will be marked online and students will be notified via LEO when results and feedback are available. Assessment criteria: Further information pertaining to the case study can be found in the assessment block on LEO and in the APPENDIX of this unit outline. Please refer to the criterion reference rubric. Case Study – Mental Health John Gray, 28 years old, severe depression following suicide attempt Mr. John Gray is a 28 year old single male admitted to the unit a week ago after an episode of intentional self-harm. John is the son of a grazier from a farming community north of Brisbane who is expected to take over the family farm. The farm has been severely affected by the longstanding drought conditions in the district. You are the nurse assigned to John’s care for the afternoon shift. On handover you were informed John did not get up for breakfast again, went to lunch reluctantly only because he was compelled to but ate almost nothing, and returned to his bed immediately afterwards. Vital Signs: Blood pressure 125/75 Temperature 36.3 Pulse 66 Respirations 18. John has a rope burn mark on his neck caused by the breaking of the rope…

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