Part 1:The managed care organization has asked you to put together a spreadsheet that shows a comparison between 3 diseases that are impacting 3 different countries. Because your department will be coming up for an accreditation performance review this is a good time to start to evaluate data. In recent years studies have indicated an increase in overall rates for cancer HIV/AIDS and obesity.Use the library textbook and the Web site for the World Health Organization (WHO)to research and explain why there is such a profound change in these countries during the time span. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation of 810 slides with speaker notes of 75-150 words not including title or reference pages.Part 2:Preparean Excel spreadsheet that comparies and contrasts data addressing the following:


Write a paper of approximately 350-700 words in which you
identify human resource management’s role in the health care
industry. Describe the functional roles of the human resource
department (as outlined in the rubric below) based on your textbook
and Electronic Reserve Readings.
Include a minimum of two references. Format your paper
consistent with APA guidelines. Introduction and development of
paper including conclusion
Logical development of the following: Overview of HR
management’s role in the healthcare industry:
Staffing, Recruitment and Retention Training and Development
Employee Relations/Performance Management/Regulatory Compliance
Safety and Health Compensation and Benefits
Appropriate research – minimum of 2 and adequate supporting
documentation (references cited throughout body of paper)
Word count approximately 350-700 words.

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